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Baca Tips Lainya » Plaza Blok M telah berdiri sejak tahun 1990 di kawasan pusat bisnis di Jakarta Selatan. Sebagai pusat perbelanjaan yang berada di lokasi sangat strategis, Plaza Blok M berhasil mempertahankan eksistensinya… Baca Lebih Lanjut » Plaza Blok M yang merupakan satu – satu nya Mall yang berintegrasi dan memiliki akses langsung dengan stasiun MRT telah membenahi dirinya menjadi one stop shopping mall yang dilengkapi dengan… Plaza Blok M Likes You! Do you like us? Lebih dari 90 Brand Terkemuka Yang Kami Hadirkan Dalam Kunjungan Anda.

Home » Practical Information » Recreation » Night Life in Jakarta: Bars, Clubs, Discos and Night Clubs An intro to. The Bars in Blok M The centre of gravity of Blok M is Jalan Pelatehan (or Jalan F. as some wags call it. This is a side street next to the bus terminal, and is home to five expat dives and a thunderously loud disco that no-one ever admits to having been in. Everest Everest is the new kid on the Blok - a brand-new bar in Jalan Pelatehan, one door down from Sportsman at the top of the street. It's a two-floor place, but with a difference. The downstairs is the classical bar and eating area plus podium for a live band at the far end, the upstairs is a traditional pool and dining area. But the upstairs area occupies only half the floor, the rest is open so that the drinkers and diners can see the downstairs bar and the band. The effect is a bit like an old-time cinema, with stalls and a balcony. The only rather surprising omission is a dance-floor. Everest is squarely aimed at the up-market reveller, the guy who takes his dissipation seriously and wants to do it in style but without giving his bank manager a heart attack. And Everest oozes style - design, decor, lighting and finish are spot on, and there's nothing pretentious or tacky about it. It's all very understated, which means that the dedicated reveller can get down to the serious business of enjoying himself in a pleasant and relaxing ambience. This place also smacks of very canny planning and marketing. It's set its standard right off the top of the Blok M scale, bringing the quality one expects of the larger hotels and plush downtown bar/discos into south Jakarta. But more importantly, it's not trying to compete with the established bars, it seeks rather to complement them. It doesn't mimic any of the other dives, and has a distinct personality. It's an ideal place for business entertaining and bringing along your out-of-town visitors. The drinks are premium priced, and the menu offers a sensibly conservative range of dishes all at mainstream prices. The spectrum of spirits and liqueurs is quite stunning - at least five types of Bols, good quality cognacs and single malts festoon the bar, plus a variety of classical drinks from around the world that are completely alien species to Blok M. The service is friendly and efficient, the bar staff are cheerful and helpful - what more could a reveller desire? Top Gun One of the legends of Blok M, this place (located in the middle of Jalan Pelatehan) has been in a time-warp since the mid ‘80s when it opened - and has slowly gone to seed under a succession of disastrous owners who make the emperor Nero look like a rank amateur. And to no-ones surprise, this hot potato is reportedly changing hands yet again. The main bar has a characterless long counter with all the charm of a public urinal on the left, facing a pool table; behind it (at the back of the bar) theres a separate restaurant room, and to the right another bar with a pool table. (This room, too, used to be separate from the main bar - but one day management knocked the wall down without warning anybody and several of the more inebriate regulars fell over when they tried to lean against it. Drink prices are about average for Blok M. Top Gun has always been a girlie bar. Mitigating factors: pleasant and efficient bar staff, two (albeit crap) pool tables, and the best nosh on the street. Oscars Catering for the late-night reveller, Oscars nestles in splendid isolation at the bus terminal end of the street. This bar is a character in search of an author. It cant really decide whether its a live-music-and-dance bar, a pool joint, a watering hole, or a girlie bar. It tries to be all things to all boozers, and falls between more stools than you can count after a skinful of beer. The downstairs is one long room with a bar on a raised floor at the far end, and the usual counter on the left as you go in. On the right theres a small stage for the bands, and behind that a seating area that has all the charm and character of a railway station waiting-room. Upstairs there are two pool tables and a slightly quieter bar, and a rather forlorn eating area which is usually empty. Drinks are expensive, and Oscars has probably the worst bar service on the Blok. You could die of thirst before getting a drink on a busy evening, and settling your bill is a leisurely process. The bar staff are collectively not very good at arithmetic and occasionally develop fits of amnesia about bringing your change when you've paid the bill. The only live music on the Blok, bands of dubious pedigree strum and howl their way from one 'hit' to another. The ageing Elvis impersonator, a great guy, has to be seen to be believed. On weekday evenings before about 11pm Oscars has all the activity and bustle of a gold-rush ghost-town. Most of the Oscars girls are well past the first bloom of youth, but there are some real characters to console and entertain revellers. D's Place As the saying goes, “nature abhors a vacuum”, so Ds Place was called into existence to provide the sort of service and ambience for which the Blok M bars were so rightly famous until a few years ago. And I must say its largely succeeded, drawing much of the boozing trade away from the other bars on the Blok and attracting a stunning variety of girls in the process. Ds Place has a great ambience - its a good place to get slowly and sociably smashed out of your skull. By general consensus its the best place on the Blok for cheap drinks and honest bar bills, but service can be patchy. Getting a bar girl to take your order is sometimes like trying to get a London bus - you wait for ages, then suddenly two or three arrive at once. Downstairs is a nicely designed bar and pool annex, but its rather small (“bijoux” in the parlance of estate agents) and the pool table is so close to the side wall and a central pillar that it would challenge Harry Houdini to play a decent game. Upstairs is a cool, dimly-lit bar with what might best be described as an up-market sleaziness. Ds Place has become the most popular pick-up place on the block, and after about 10. 30 pm upstairs is usually wall-to-wall girls. You can barely make out peoples faces in the half-light - and many a jar of beer has missed its mark when being put down on a table, ending up on the floor instead. My only negative comment is that Ds Place has suffered a bit from well-intentioned over-management - for example, constantly changing the facilities, layout and decor, and going for gimmicks – but top marks to the management for making an effort, and theyre gradually getting it right. Sportsman Located at the top of the street - and right next door to Ds Place - Sportsman has a pleasantly spacious bar downstairs with a pool table and a small counter, whilst towards the back of the bar theres an eating area and another counter on the left. Upstairs theres another pool table and a recently enlarged restaurant. A favourite early-evening watering-hole for the business community and TV sports fan, Sportsman has striven to be a bit more up-market than the other dives on the Blok. Its a great place if your idea of riveting conversation is mulling over the comparative merits of different sorts of oil tankers and drilling platforms. However, Sportsman has seen better days and is now eclipsed by D's Place, which offers the same sort of ambience downstairs and has much cheaper drinks. Used to have a decent restaurant, that too has gone steadily downhill over recent years – though a new manager (with a good track record of running restaurants) may, the regulars hope, reverse the trend. Sportsman is very much a guys bar. No girls are allowed in unless accompanied. The Club [a. k. a. the Bali Hai] Located on the corner of a run-down, rather shabby block to the right of the bus terminal entrance, the Club has since time immemorial been a convenient watering hole for those finishing work and requiring a little something to round off the day en route for hearth and home in south Jakarta. Its basically one large bar with three pool tables in the middle and an eatery at the far end, and a U-shaped bar on the right. Although it has landmark status, this place is in fact a living fossil. An odd mix of clients and girls makes it vaguely interesting to visit if doing a pub crawl round the Blok, but you enter at your peril as a bunch of ageing harpies lies in wait just inside the door. Lintas Melawai This is another landmark establishment, located on the main road (Melawai Raya) which marks the southern flank of Blok M. Its larger than the other places, consisting of a disco and a bar with a couple of pool tables - all pretty much standard issue. As you go into LM the bar is on your right, the disco on your left; late at night theres a steady stream of bodies going in each direction because the only gents toilet is located behind the bar. The Frankenstein of the Blok, this place just keeps lurching on its moronic way. Even the best efforts of a greedy and incompetent management cannot kill the place off, such is its momentum. It's the sump of Blok M, everyone gravitates there as the other places put up their shutters. Its proximity to the Melawai Hotel, and a constant stream of late-night taxis, make it doubly attractive to the less-than-sober reveller. The disco has plenty of dark corners, but the bar is ball-crushingly boring on most nights. Beware the pool girls, they have a lean and hungry look. By general consensus, the most likely place to contract one of the more unpleasant social diseases. The Stamford Arms Although it's really just a small bar and dinery tacked onto the posterior of the Ambhara Hotel, this is actually quite a nice little hostelry that's made a niche for itself on the Blok. It caters mainly for the passing business trade, and has the synthetic Olde-Worlde trimmings that tiresomely adorn so many pubs these days - the bar-world's equivalent of airport art. The main bar is a snug little place that's compact without being fussy, and there are tradiltional little bays with settles and tables off the main drinking area. Through the bar is what can best be described as a conservatory, a largely glass extension to the building that makes a characterless but functional eating area. The drinks are not overpriced, there's a limited but tasty selection of items on the bar menu, and the service is friendly (if a little slow at times. but the staff don't seem able to wrap their brains around the concept of split bills when there are two or more customers together. Our thanks to Malcolm Johnson of Jakarta Blok for sharing his insights into the Blok M bars with us. For complete information, visit his website Jakarta Blok M.

Melawai yang saya ingat kari umbi 😁. Yg setuju RAFI cocok VICKY LIKEEE. Kita tidak makan infrastruktur yg suruh makan siapa boss. Artis terpopuler di zamannya ya desy. Jakarta - Jakarta seakan tak pernah kehabisan inovasi untuk menghadirkan ruang publik yang kekinian. Di Blok M misalnya, ada M Bloc Space yang hadir akhir bulan lalu. Berdiri di atas lahan Peruri seluas 7. 000 meter di bilangan Blok M, hadir M Bloc Space yang baru diresmikan pada 26 September 2019 lalu atau Kamis pekan lalu. Ruang kreatif baru tersebut lahir dari rumah dinas Peruri yang sempat terabaikan selama puluhan tahun silam. Tercipta dari kerjasama antara Perum Peruri (BUMN) dan PT Ruang Milenial, lahan mati tersebut diubah menjadi ruang publik baru yang menampilkan kreasi muda-mudi hingga panggung musik. Aneka tenant di bagian luar M Bloc Space (Randy/detikcom) Penasaran, detikcom pun berkunjung langsung ke lokasi, Selasa (1/10/2019) untuk melihat ruang publik baru tersebut. Lokasinya persis di sisi kiri jalan sebelum Terminal Blok M. Dibuat menyatu tanpa sekat dengan jalur pejalan kaki, M Bloc Space menghadirkan nuansa bangunan Blok M tempo dulu. Tampak eksterior bangunan eks rumah dinas Peruri yang direnovasi sedemikian rupa dan diisi oleh sejumlah tenant di bagian luarnya. Tercatat, sejumlah tenant seperti Suwe Ora Jamu, Tokyo Skipjack, Titik Temu Coffee hingga Kedai Tjikini telah mengisi sejumlah lapak yang ada di sana. Ada yang sudah beroperasi, dan ada juga yang masih merapikan kedainya. Area dalam M Bloc Space yang berkonsep outdoor (Randy/detikcom) Masuk ke area tengah yang berkonsep outdoor, masih tampak perbaikan di sana-sini. Kabarnya, ruang tengah tersebut akan menjadi titik kumpul muda-mudi. Sejumlah mural pun tampak menghiasi tembok yang ada di sana. Kemudian ada juga bagian dalam M Bloc Space yang sediakan sebagai panggung musik dengan konsep indoor. Rencananya, M Bloc Space juga akan menjadi wadah bagi para musisi unjuk kebolehan. Nama-nama besar seperti Glenn Fredly, Tompi, Mocca hingga ST Loco diketahui telah tampil di sana saat peresmian M Bloc Space pekan lalu. Aneka mural di bagian dalam M Bloc Space (Randy/detikcom) Melihat M Bloc Space, mungkin seperti melihat kembali usaha kebangkitan Blok M yang dikenang sebagai kawasan populer muda-mudi di tahun 80-an silam. Hanya saja dengan nafas dan konsep baru yang lebih segar ala zaman now. Hanya walau telah diresmikan, masih tampak finishing di sana-sini. Mungkin baru sekitar tiga bulan mendatang, M Bloc Space dapat beroperasi secara maksimal. Bagi traveler yang ingin berkunjung ke M Bloc Space, disarankan untuk datang dengan MRT atau moda transportasi umum. Alasannya, tak tersedia lahan parkir di M Bloc Space. Namun, pihak pengelola tetap menyediakan jasa valet untuk jaga-jaga. Simak Video " M Bloc Space, Destinasi Baru Liburan Akhir Tahun di Jakarta " Gambas:Video 20detik] rdy/krs.

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Blok M memang daerah yang keren dan penuh dengan tempat kuliner yang go kil dan keren-keren. Gue sering banget nongkrong di daerah sini, soalnya makanannya ENAK ENAK. Dari jajanan, sampai restoran-restoran yang keren. Makanya gue mau sharing sekarang, Check this out! 1. Blenger Burger Photo Source: messes Wah! Ini bener-bener burger yang TERKENAL BANGET! Dulu, pertama kali ini baru buka, ngantrenya banget-bangetan, sekarang aja masih ngantre. Abis enak banget, dan harganya bersahabat lagi. Cheese Burger (Rp. 16, 000) dan Chilli Dog (Rp. 18, 000) disini harus banget dicoba. PECAH! Untuk alamat, menu, jam buka, dan no telp, klik: Bakar Eddy Photo Source: denisemarcelia Salah satu roti bakar favorit gue, selain roti bakanya yang enak banget, mereka juga punya bubur dan nasi goreng yang mantap! Kalian harus pesen roti bakar dengan keju, coklat, dan pisangnya! Enak… Untuk alamat, menu, jam buka, dan no telp, klik: 3. Trafique Coffee Photo Source: Wanderbites Mungkin ini adalah salah satu tempat kopi paling cantik di Jakarta, mungkin paling cantik di Blok M. Seketika lo kesini, lo bakal ngerasa kayak lo lagi di rumah. Interiornya pewe banget dan gak berisik suasananya. Cocok banget deh kalo kalian mau buat tugas atau chill aja bareng temen-temen pas sore-sore. Kalian harus ditemani dengan Cappuccinonya (Rp. 30, 000) disini! Untuk review selengkapnya, kunjungi Wanderbites. Lihat betapa keren dan nyaman interior sini! Untuk alamat, menu, jam buka, dan no telp, klik: 4. Super Steak Steak yang bener-bener SUPER! Kalian para pencinta daging harus banget coba makan disini! yang terkenal disini adalah Grass Fed Rib Eye Steak 200gr (Rp. 135, 000) tapi asal kalian suka steak, SEMUA JUGA ENAK! Untuk alamat, menu, jam buka, dan no telp, klik: 5. Tokyo Skipjack Photo Source: Tokyo Skipjack Nah, kerennya di Tokyo Skipjack adalah kamu ada pilihan saos yang unik-unik seperti Homemade BBQ, Creamy Mushroom, Japanese Chimichuri, Wasabi Butter. Diatas adalah 500g US PORTER STEAK! kalau laper pas banget nih. Harga steak disini mulai dari Rp. 95, 000. Untuk alamat, menu, jam buka, dan no telp, klik: 6. Wafflelicous Buat kalian para pencinta waffle, ini adalah tempatmu! Disini yang buat unik adalah rasa-rasa wafflenya yang nggak bisa kamu dapat dimana-mana lagi! Yang terkenal disini adalah rasa vanilla, chocolate, mocha PANDAN, DURIAN, dan blackforest (Rp. 15, 000. Yep, PANDAN bro! Penasaran nggak? Check it out! Untuk alamat, menu, jam buka, dan no telp, klik: 7. KOI Photo Source: ixigo KOI bener-bener salah satu restoran favorit gue. Karena disini, atmosfirnya pewe banget. Mau kalian makan, atau cuman mimican (minum minum cantik, eh. pasti santai banget rasanya disini. Tapi kalian juga harus tau, makanan disini ENAK BANGET! Yang paling pecah adalah Classic burgernya! Check this out Photo Source: chuzaliving Classic Burger (Rp, 95, 000) ini mengandung 150gr beef patty yang bener-bener empuk dan kerasa banget dagingnya, beda ama burger lain. Dan kejunya gokil! Dengan ekstra Rp. 20, 000 kalian bisa tambah Yellow Cheddar, dan rasanya tambah GOKIL! Untuk alamat, menu, jam buka, dan no telp, klik: 8. Pipiltin Cocoa Photo Source: cheesevelvet Mungkin kalian sering lihat gambar ini di Instagram, nah ini adalah menu legendaris dari mereka, namanya Tabanan Chocolate. Tabanan chocolate adalah gabungan mouse, chocolate creameaux, chocolate pearl, dan dehydrated chocolate mousse. Ini bener-bener excalibur bagi pencinta coklat! Untuk alamat, menu, jam buka, dan no telp, klik: 9. Midori Photo Source: jktgo Restoran ini memang bener-bener authentic Japanese, dan banyak juga orang Jepang yang sering kesini! Yang terkenal disini adalah aneka jenis sushi dan sashiminya! Harga per orang sekitar Rp. 150, 000. Untuk alamat, menu, jam buka, dan no telp, klik: 10. Soto Bangkong Photo Source: punggowo Nah ini dia! Soto khas Semarang! Sekarang kalian nggak usah jauh-jauh lagi kesana, di Blok M juga ada! Rata-rata disini satu orang harganya Rp. 25, 000 sudah kenyang dan termasuk minum. Wah nulis ini sampe ngiler gue. Untuk alamat, menu, jam buka, dan no telp, klik: 11. Sate Sambas Photo Source: Ini adalah sate favorit gue, kenapa? Karena sate ini dibuat dari DADA AYAM! yang berarti 10 tusuknya ada 30g protein! Tempat makan ini banyak dikunjungi oleh binaragawan dan orang yang gemar fitness karena dada ayam yang sedikit mengandung lemak dan protein yang besar. Kapan lagi coba jajan malem malem terus berotot? Untuk alamat, menu, jam buka, dan no telp, klik: 12. Kambing Bakar Cairo Photo Source: Dr. B Restoran kambing favorit gue! Ini bener-bener kambing bakar legendaris! Khal yang paling keren disini adalah dagingnya yang super empuk. Lo nggak harus susah-susah potong pakai pisau, kadang kadang saking empuknya bisa langsung jatoh dari tulangnya sendiri. Gokil kan? Lebih kerennya lagi di hot plate lho! Jadi hidangan kalian ga bakal dingin cepet! Favorit gue disini adalah Kambing Bakar Cairo (iga) 250 gram (Rp. 60, 000. Untuk alamat, menu, jam buka, dan no telp, klik: 13. Bakmi Jhon Photo Source: aniesdanadit Ini juga nih bakmi ayam paling TERKENAL se Blok M! Bahkan dari jam dulu sampai sekarang RAME BANGET! Dan dengan Rp. 20, 000, kalian disini bisa makan KENYANG! Sampai parkir dan minum juga! Alamat: Jl. Sampit Melawai (samping Bank BNI) Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia. Jam Buka: – No. Telp: – 14. Kerang Kiloan Pak Rudi Restoran yang sangat unik, karena restoran ini menjual KERANG, dan KILOAN! Yup, bukan gram, tapi KILO! Nah disini menu favorinya adalah Kerang Hijau Goreng (Rp. 40, 000) atau k erang bulu rebus (Rp. 37, 000. Gue penggemar kerang banget dan gue ngiler banget sambil nulis ini! WAH! Untuk alamat, menu, jam buka, dan no telp, klik: 15. Sate Ayam Kambing RSPP Photo Source: icipicipin Ini adalah salah satu sate paling terkenal di daerah sini! Katanya, pemilik sudah membuat sate dari tahun 1960an! Artinya apa? PASTI GOKIL GUYS! Saos kacangnya gokil! Dan daging ayamnya juga rasanya gokil banget! Harus banget kalian coba! Untuk alamat, menu, jam buka, dan no telp, klik: ADA RESTORAN FAVORIT KALIAN YANG NGGAK TERMASUK DISINI? YUK KASIH TAU KITA DI BAGIAN FACEBOOK COMMENT DIBAWAH DAN KITA AKAN LANGSUNG UPDATE DAFTAR INI! Mau lihat artikel lebih banyak lagi? Yuk klik: Untuk menemukan restoran-restoran di Jakarta, klik: The post 15 Restoran Paling MANTAP Di Blok M! appeared first on Qraved Journal.

Blok m movie maker. Dulu pacar saya jualan. Alhamdulillah. smoga mmbawa berkah.

Mantap... Segemerlap-gemerlapnya Jakarta masih nyaman dan tentram di Ngayogyakarto... haha. Sekarang dah sepi... 😢😢😢. Bloom movie theater. D kita ad ayut bro. Have you been to the historical National Museum of Indonesia or to the Ancol Dreamland which are both found in Jakarta and you are still finding for things that Jakarta can offer you? Then you might want to shift from their solemn attractions to the blasting one and try their awesome and well-known Jakarta nightlife. Want to meet Indonesian women for free, then check out this article. Jakarta is indeed a city that is known for its prehistoric and preserved culture but as you go along the citys nightlife, you will be able to see the other side of Jakarta. The city doesnt just offer a solemn place to tourists and foreigners but they also have their own way of getting along with the trends nowadays. If you go along streets of Jakarta to experience how nightlife goes in the city, youll be able to find various attractions and party atmosphere in the place such as their clubs, bars, pubs and even loud discos in where you can party all night long. Have you ever heard the famous Blok M in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Indonesia? If you are in South Jakarta, your visit wont be complete without checking out the place. Blok M Jakarta is a well-known place for its relatively low price range for their inexpensive property cost compared to other businesses and shopping quarters. Whatever you are looking for in Blok M Jakarta nightlife, the place has it all. If you are looking for a place in where you can relax, you may wanted to visit their best sex spas in Jakarta and massage parlours and if you wanted to have fun all night long, you can go visit their loud disco bars. Bars and Clubs in Blok M Jakarta Blok M is really one of the many red light areas of the city and here is actually a list of mine of the tops five Bars and Clubs in Blok M Jakarta that is definitely a must try: Top Gun A bar found in the middle of Jalan Pelatehan of Blok M Jakarta nightlife that has been running since mid-80s. For the past years that Jakarta has been improving, Top Gun, was there and fighting over the changes of the city that is indeed obvious for still being one of the top bars in the city. If you are a new comer in the city particularly in Blok M, you should definitely try Top Gun first. The bar is equipped with loud music and liver atmosphere which is perfect for those party goers. They do also have a pool table to add some fun in the place and not to mention their pleasant and prompt bar staffs. Ds Place Are you looking for a bar in Block M in where you can get drinks in a cheaper price with an honest billing? Well, Ds Place is a well-known bar in the area for being an affordable one and yet you can have a great night with their decent and great ambiance. You may also be searching for a place in where you can find a lot of girls in Jakarta to whom you can spend the night with which is one of the best aspects of Ds Place for they do have a large number of girls specially after 10:30 in the evening where you can see them wall0to0wall just upstairs. They do also have some pool table downstairs whenever you wanted to have a short game with your colleagues. Related: learn how to get sex in Jakarta. Sportsman A bar located just next to Ds Place and just like the two other bars I have mentioned above, Sportsman do also have their pool tables downstairs and another one just upstairs of the bar which gives you a lot of opportunity to play when in the bar. Expect to find the odd Jakarta ladyboy here. Well, aside from their spacious bar downstairs, they do also have an eating area towards the back of the bar for you to have some meal before partying all night long. If you are strolling around Blok M to look for girls then Sportsman isnt the right place for you since it is much like a guys bar and no girls are allowed in the place unless they are accompanied. Everest If you are looking for a bar with a unique yet great ambiance, you must go and visit Everest. The bar is located at Jalan Pelatehan and is a two-floor bar. What you can see downstairs is a podium for their live band, an eating area for some meal, and a classical bar for everybody to have their drinks for the night. Meanwhile, upstairs is composed of a traditional pool and a dining area. Although half of the floor is the only part that is occupied, you can still enjoy the view from the first floor specially their live band. The bar is indeed a nice place to spend your night with plus their friendly and accommodating staffs. Lintas Melawai It is a bar that is found in the main road of Melawai Raya of Blok M Jakarta that has been famous for the past years. The bar is consisting of a dance floor for their disco scene and a bar with some pool tables. It is actually a landmark establishment in Blok M and is a great place if you wanted to find some girls within the place. Related: learn how to get hookers in Jakarta. Lintas Melawai is a famous bar for being accessible hence, it is just near Melawai hotel and once you are to drunk and wants to get a taxi then, you can simply get one from being a constant stream of late-night taxis in the area. As you stroll around Blok M, you can also find other bars and clubs that arent on my list either way, you can try whatever bar you wanted as long as it suites you tastes and needs. There are also other ways for you to enjoy Blok M Jakarta nightlife; you just have to find the perfect scene for you. Other destinations in Blok M Jakarta Aside from being famous for Blok Ms nightlife, the place is also a known one for its shopping center in where you can find great deals and enjoy shopping till you drop. When you visit Blok M you can find the two massive shopping centers in the area which are the Blok M Square and Blok M Plaza. Rest assured, when you are in Blok M Square and Blok M Plaza, you can definitely find what you are looking for from their stalls that do caters various kinds of products and services from their printmaking for souvenirs to their great variant of foods. Although Blok M isnt that developed compared to other cities in Jakarta, the place is still the home for citys biggest bus terminus hence, it is very accessible wherever you are in Jakarta. The place is a very great one if you are finding for a cheap drink that could get you accompanied till the sun comes up without getting poor afterwards. Jakarta is indeed a great place for both tourists and locals and if you would just look around the city, you would surely enjoy yourself. The city is equipped with various attractions and every penny you spent just to tour the city is definitely worth it especially if you are able to experience the fun in Blok M Jakarta nightlife. A place worth visiting for.

Kenapa sih pada banding kan anak dan ibu nya, kalau boleh req sebelum lahir semua jg pingin sempurna lah. Tp kan punya taqdir nya beda2. Jadi jangnlah banding2kan orang. Blok m movie 2018. Masih kelihatan kumuh itu Bos. jagalah kebersihan dong ❗️. Blok M - Bandara Soekarno-Hatta DAMRI DAMRI BLOK M bus Schedule DAMRI BLOK M bus route operates on everyday. Regular schedule hours: 3:00 AM - 9:00 PM Day Operating Hours Sunday 3:00 AM - 9:00 PM Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday View full schedule DAMRI BLOK M bus Route Map DAMRI BLOK M bus Route Schedule and Stops The DAMRI BLOK M bus (Direction: Bandara Soekarno Hatta) has 6 stops departing from Blok M and ending in Terminal 3 Soekarno-Hatta. DAMRI BLOK M bus time schedule overview for the upcoming week: Starts operating at 3:00 AM and ends at 9:00 PM. Operating days this week: everyday. Choose any of the DAMRI BLOK M bus stops below to find updated real-time schedules and to see their route map. View on Map DAMRI BLOK M FAQ What time does the DAMRI BLOK M bus start operating? DAMRI BLOK M bus starts operating at 3:00 AM on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. What time does the DAMRI BLOK M bus stop working? DAMRI BLOK M bus stops operating at 9:00 PM on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. What time does the DAMRI BLOK M bus arrive? When does the Blok M - Bandara Soekarno-Hatta Bus come? Click here for live arrival times and to see the full schedule for Blok M - Bandara Soekarno-Hatta Bus that is closest to your location. List of DAMRI BLOK M bus Stops Blok M • Terminal 1a Soekarno Hatta • Terminal 1b Soekarno Hatta • Terminal 1c Soekarno Hatta • Shelter Bus Terminal 2f • Terminal 3 Soekarno-Hatta DAMRI BLOK M bus route operates every day. Regular schedule hours: 3:00 AM - 9:00 PM DAMRI BLOK M (DAMRI) The first stop of the DAMRI BLOK M bus route is Blok M and the last stop is Terminal 3 Soekarno-Hatta. DAMRI BLOK M (Direction: Bandara Soekarno Hatta) is operational during everyday. Additional information: DAMRI BLOK M has 6 stops and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 46 minutes. On the go? See why over 720 million users trust Moovit as the best public transit app. Moovit gives you DAMRI suggested routes, real-time bus tracker, live directions, line route maps in Jakarta, and helps to find the closest DAMRI BLOK M bus stops near you. No internet available? Download an offline PDF map and bus schedule for the DAMRI BLOK M bus to take on your trip. DAMRI BLOK M near me When does the Blok M - Bandara Soekarno-Hatta Bus come? Click here for live arrival times and to see the full schedule for Blok M - Bandara Soekarno-Hatta Bus that is closest to your location.

Coba ke mail lesehan ML, LENGKAP. About Closed Now Hours Today: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM See all hours Excellent 21 Very Good 66 Average 78 Poor 7 Terrible 3 Families Couples Solo Business Friends Mar-May Jun-Aug Sep-Nov Dec-Feb All languages Indonesian ( 75) English ( 57) Japanese ( 37) More While not as glamorous as Plaza Senayan, Blok M Square is more representative of the country. Variety on offer. Date of experience: January 2020 Jayakarta is full of fancy malls but I prefer the local old fashioned Blok m square. It's much cheaper with lots of stalls and great atmosphere and where the locals go. Bargains to be had and get ready to haggle it's fun and you'll enjoy the prices. Lots of food and good … Date of experience: November 2019 A lively and seedy ( if you look for it) area A great little food court in the basement and several levels of second hand stalls and other bric-à-brac Kinda cool overall Date of experience: November 2019 Even prior to the existence of Jakarta's MRT, I've always taken a personal liking to visiting Blok M Square. It's a hidden gem for foodies like me. You can go at 6AM to get a glimpse of what Indonesian's typically have for breakfast or snacks - from those who have a sweet … Date of experience: July 2019 Blok M Square is a trade center, which is to say that it is more downmarket than if one was to go to a shopping center. Rather than established brands, the tenants here are various vendors and merchants selling their products mostly clothing-related. One thing that … Date of experience: November 2018 When is Blok M Square open? What hotels are near Blok M Square? What restaurants are near Blok M Square? What attractions are near Blok M Square.

Bloom movie. TRANS. T)elevisi (R)affi (A)hmad (N)agita (S)lavina Sekarang anda tau kan kenapa acara model begini ada di TRANS TV ? 😁. Bloom movie showtimes. Blok m movie wiki. Kumuh dan bau. Plaza Blok M, Lantai Lower Ground, Jl. Bulungan No. 76, Blok M, Jakarta Cost for two: Rp80. 000 Hours: 10h – 22h (Mon-Sun) Plaza Blok M, Jl. 76, Blok M, Jakarta Cost for two: Rp220. 000 Cost for two: Rp70. 000 Plaza Blok M, Lantai 6, Jl. 76, Blok M, Jakarta Cost for two: Rp120. 000 Cost for two: Rp60. 000 Cost for two: Rp100. 000 Plaza Blok M, Lantai 5, Food Society, Jl. 76, Blok M, Jakarta Cost for two: Rp195. 000 Cost for two: Rp150. 000 Cost for two: Rp50. 000 10h – 22h (Mon-Sun.

Masa muda dessy ratna sari cantik banget. Tua nya aja masih cantik 😍😍. Bloom movie review. Benar kata raffi, cantik luar dalam, memang wanita idaman kaum adam. Blok m movie reviews. Inget jmn krj dlu di jln Bulungan Blok m Plaza. Blok m movie streaming. Ratangga, Jakarta MRT train in the front of Blok M Plaza Blok M is a business and shopping quarter located in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Indonesia. It runs east from Iskandarsyah street to Bulungan street in the west. North from Falatehan street to Melawai street in the south. The development is less modern than some of the developments near Kota, West Jakarta and many of the buildings are run down. On daily basis crowds of people throng its street, and even more so during night time. Much of the popularity of the quarter is due to the prices of goods (which are often low due to the relatively inexpensive property costs for vendors) the night life, karaoke, massage parlour and the accessibility of the centre, considering it contains one of the largest bus stations in Jakarta which many Transjakarta and Kopaja buses depart from, since 2019 this area is also served by Jakarta MRT with Blok M MRT Station which directly connected to Blok M Plaza. Shopping Center [ edit] Mal Blok M, the main shopping portion of the quarter. Built on the terminal basement since 1993. The mall is known for having low prices but bargaining is considered a requirement. Blok M Square, Blok M Plaza [1] and Pasaraya Grande are the main shopping centres in Blok M. Built in 1992, the Plaza is a modern mall. Pasaraya Grande is a department store run by Abdul Latief. Its two contiguous buildings include a big food court in the basement are international standard with corresponding prices. A movie theatre is at the top floor. [2] Part of Blok M Square is known as Little Tokyo from its collection of Japanese restaurants, food stalls, karaoke bars and massage parlours. [3] Clubs and Cafes [ edit] Jalan Melawai, which is known as Little Tokyo has many Japanese style restaurants, bars and cafes. [4] Jalan Melawai, Blok M at night References [ edit] External links [ edit] Blok M Information Audio recording of Blok M street sounds Coordinates: 614′40″S 10648′02″E. 6. 244554S 106. 800676E Wikimedia Commons has media related to Blok M.

Blok m movie full. Blok m movie hd. Blok m movie song. Ridwan Saidi ini org yg suka menghina dan menjelek2kan jokowi. Aku kerja disitu ka di Tori Ichi, tpi aku bagian kitchennya, Salam Kenal 😊. Blok M movie. Blok m movie wikipedia. Semoga aja langgeng kasian hidupnya dipenuhi drama vicky & syhilla. Top Hotels Close to Blok M Square Save OYO 2030 Melawai Homestay to your lists 2 out of 5 0. 089 mi from Blok M Square Free Cancellation 13 per night Mar 14 - Mar 15 OYO 2030 Melawai Homestay Save M Hotel Jakarta to your lists 3 out of 5 0. 078 mi from Blok M Square 28 per night Feb 13 - Feb 14 3. 7 /5 Good. 39 reviews) It's trying to be a 3 star hotel when definitely a 2 star" …" Reviewed on Nov 5, 2019 M Hotel Jakarta Save favehotel Melawai to your lists 3 out of 5 0. 1 mi from Blok M Square Free Cancellation Reserve now, pay when you stay 25 per night Feb 14 - Feb 15 3. 6 /5 Good. 132 reviews) easily accessable and nearby to a lot of facilities" …" Reviewed on Mar 7, 2019 favehotel Melawai Save Hotel Dharmein to your lists 3. 5 out of 5 0. 1 mi from Blok M Square 35 per night Feb 13 - Feb 14 4 /5 Very Good. 9 reviews) Located between 2 malls means there are plenty of food options available throughout the day, it is also located just next to a MRT station which makes it really convenient. A few things that minus off some points was the attached table in the room were already broken, we did not dare to put anything. …" Reviewed on Jun 30, 2019 Hotel Dharmein Save Hotel GranDhika Iskandarsyah to your lists 4 out of 5 0. 2 mi from Blok M Square 58 per night Feb 13 - Feb 14 4. 1 /5 Very Good. 113 reviews) Nice, comfortable and convenient location. …" Reviewed on Jan 9, 2020 Hotel GranDhika Iskandarsyah Save Ambhara Hotel to your lists 4 out of 5 0. 2 mi from Blok M Square 65 per night Feb 14 - Feb 15 3. 7 /5 Good. 142 reviews) I have been sraying at the hotel for about 20 years and I would not conyinue to stay there if I was not pleased witj the hotel. Very friendly staff, always helpful. excellent location" …" Reviewed on Sep 1, 2019 Ambhara Hotel Save The Falatehan Hotel By Safin to your lists 3 out of 5 0. 057 mi from Blok M Square 40 per night Feb 29 - Mar 1 3. 3 /5 ( 11 reviews) old hotel and poor maintenance "stayed 3 days and 2 nights with my family. when we first step into the lift there was a bad smell. the room was small and the toilet and fridge was not working. inform the hotel staffs and was quickly repaired. the only good about this hotel it was near to Blok M square where we found alot of good. …" Reviewed on Apr 6, 2018 The Falatehan Hotel By Safin Save Neo Hotel Melawai by ASTON to your lists 3. 2 mi from Blok M Square Free Cancellation Reserve now, pay when you stay 33 per night Feb 15 - Feb 16 3. 8 /5 Good. 258 reviews) All was good except for the WiFi connection not available in the room to work on the laptop and thus had to come down to the lobby every time. This was in spite for informing/complaining to the authorities. …" Reviewed on Feb 3, 2020 Neo Hotel Melawai by ASTON Save Sampit Residence Managed by FLAT06 to your lists 3. 3 mi from Blok M Square 22 per night Feb 17 - Feb 18 3. 6 /5 Good. 41 reviews) This is my second time stayed in this Residence. Easy to find location and walking distance to a big mall and street food vendors. Staff are very helpful and friendly. Breakfast are great. Parking located in the basement with easy access and secure place. Rooms are clean and somewhat well kept. Great. …" Reviewed on Aug 8, 2019 Sampit Residence Managed by FLAT06 Save Golden Boutique Hotel Melawai to your lists 3. 1 mi from Blok M Square 35 per night Feb 14 - Feb 15 3. 3 /5 ( 24 reviews) Not really clean but old and under renovation and most rooms are window-less. …" Reviewed on Jan 20, 2020 Golden Boutique Hotel Melawai Don't see what you're looking for? See all available properties in Blok M Square View all properties Lowest nightly price found within the past 24 hours based on a 1 night stay for 2 adults. Prices and availability subject to change. Additional terms may apply. Block M Square is located in a culturally-rich area of South Jakarta known for its major shopping area. The neighborhood is home to 130 hotels and other accommodations, so you can find something that works for your stay. Staying Near Block M Square Choose from 64 hotels and other accommodations within a mile of Block M Square, including these picks: Neo Hotel Melawai: With a stay at this 3. 5-star hotel, guests can enjoy access to a restaurant and free parking, along with free WiFi. It's a favorite with Expedia travelers for its breakfast and overall value. Hotel Gran Mahakam: With a stay at this 5-star hotel, guests can enjoy access to a full-service spa and 2 restaurants, along with free WiFi. It's a favorite with Expedia travelers for its breakfast and helpful staff. Favehotel Melawai: Amenities at this 3-star hotel include free WiFi and a 24-hour front desk. It's a favorite with Expedia travelers for its proximity to shopping. Things to See and Do Near Block M Square After you've visited Block M Square, you can discover the sights within a few miles of the area. You might want to spend some time browsing the exhibits at Satria Mandala Museum, Forestry Museum, or Sasmita Loka Museum. Bundaran Hi, RSPP, and General Soedirman are well-known local landmarks worth a visit. You can enjoy live performances at JKT48 Theater and Ismail Marzuki Park. If you want to see more of the surrounding area, you can plan a visit to Thamrin City Shopping Mall and Grand Indonesia. You might also stop by Central Park, located 4. 7 mi (7. 5 km) from Block M Square, or National Monument which is 5 mi (8. 1 km) away.

Photo gallery Free WiFi Air Conditioning Spa Parking Available jl. Melawai IX No. 2, Blok M/3 Persil No. 73, Jakarta Popular Location Blok M Square 4 min walk Popular Location Kidzania 12 min drive Popular Location Plaza Senayan 15 min drive Airport Jakarta (CGK-Soekarno-Hatta Intl. 42 min drive Choose dates to view prices Superior Room Room Amenities City view Sleeps 2 1 Double Bed More details About this area Jakarta D'primahotel Melawai Blok M is located in Jakarta. Blok M Square and Grand Indonesia are worth checking out if shopping is on the agenda, while those wishing to experience the area's popular attractions can visit Kidzania and Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. Check out an event or a game at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, and consider making time for Ragunan Zoo, a top attraction not to be missed. Visit our Jakarta travel guide Popular Location What's nearby Blok M Square - 4 min walk Kidzania - 12 min drive Plaza Senayan - 15 min drive Pondok Indah Mall - 16 min drive Lotte Shopping Avenue - 19 min drive Getting around Blok M Station - 5 min walk Jakarta Kebayoran Station - 16 min drive Jakarta (CGK-Soekarno-Hatta Intl. 45 min drive d'primahotel Melawai Blok M Jakarta hotel in Melawai, walk to Blok M Square Along with a full-service spa, this smoke-free hotel has self parking and dry cleaning. WiFi in public areas is free. Additionally, laundry facilities, a 24-hour front desk, and free newspapers are onsite. All 41 rooms offer free WiFi, electric kettles, and LCD TVs with cable channels. Free bottled water, safes, and showers are among the other amenities that guests will find. D'primahotel Melawai Blok M offers 41 air-conditioned accommodations with safes and complimentary bottled water. 32-inch LCD televisions come with cable channels. Bathrooms include showers, slippers, and complimentary toiletries. This Jakarta hotel provides complimentary wireless Internet access. Housekeeping is offered daily and irons/ironing boards can be requested. Guests can indulge in a pampering treatment at the hotel's full-service spa, Kedaton. Services include massages and body treatments. Available in all rooms: Free WiFi Available in some public areas: Free WiFi Parking and transportation Iron/ironing board (on request) Policies Check-in time starts at 2 PM Minimum check-in age - 18 Children are welcome. Rollaway/extra beds are not available. Cribs (infant beds) are not available. Important information Extra-person charges may apply and vary depending on property policy. Government-issued photo identification and a credit card, debit card, or cash deposit are required at check-in for incidental charges. Special requests are subject to availability upon check-in and may incur additional charges. Special requests cannot be guaranteed. Property is also known as d'primahotel Melawai Blok M Hotel Jakarta d'primahotel Melawai Blok M Hotel d'primahotel Melawai Blok M Hotel Hotel d'primahotel Melawai Blok M Jakarta Hotel d'primahotel Melawai Blok M d'primahotel Blok M Hotel d'primahotel Blok M Jakarta d'primahotel Melawai Blok M Hotel d'primahotel Melawai Blok M Jakarta D'primahotel Melawai Blok M d'primahotel Melawai Blok M Hotel d'primahotel Melawai Blok M Jakarta d'primahotel Melawai Blok M Hotel Jakarta Frequently asked questions 5 / 5 Excellent Liked: Cleanliness, staff & service, property conditions & facilities, room comfort 3 / 5 Verified traveler Nov 22, 2016 Disliked: Staff & service 2 / 5 Verified traveler Business traveler, Traveled with family Oct 27, 2019 Disliked: Cleanliness, staff & service, amenities, property conditions & facilities とにかくうるさく感じました. Stayed 1 night in Oct 2019 2 / 5 エクスペディアユーザー Aug 17, 2019 Liked: Cleanliness Disliked: Property conditions & facilities 803号室に宿泊しましたがポンプのような機械音が終始聞こえうるさかった. Stayed 6 nights in Aug 2019 2 / 5 yeongjin Jul 13, 2019 Disliked: Cleanliness, staff & service, property conditions & facilities, room comfort 창문없는 방 은 감방같았다 창문 없는 룸을 주고 실내는 환기가 안되서 냄세가 난다. 주변 블록엠이 먹거리등 좋아서 선택했지만 호텔은 절대 비추다 Stayed 2 nights in Jul 2019 Tell us how we can improve our site.

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Blok m movie tickets. Hotel d'primahotel Melawai - Blok M Great for Two Travelers. Location and facilities perfect for those traveling in pairs Jl. Melawai IX No. 2 Blok M/3 Persil No. 73, 12160 Jakarta, Indonesia – Show map 800 feet from subway station After booking, all of the propertys details, including telephone and address, are provided in your booking confirmation and your account. Close × *7. 6* Blok M Square: only 3 minutes away. 650 feet by foot) One of our top picks in Jakarta. Set 1, 150 feet from Blok M MRT Station, D'Prima Hotel Melawai - Blok M features rooms with air conditioning in Jakarta. Around 4. 3 mi from Tanah Abang Grocery & Textile Center, the property is also 4. 3 mi away from Sarinah and offers free WiFi. The property is 5 mi from Ragunan Zoo. At the hotel, rooms are fitted with a desk and a flat-screen TV. Rooms are equipped with a private bathroom with free toiletries. All rooms at D'Prima Hotel Melawai - Blok M come with a seating area. Room rates include a simple breakfast snack with coffee or tea. For any tips on how to get around or what to do in the area, guests can ask at the reception. National Museum of Indonesia is 5 mi from the accommodations, while National Monument Park is 5 mi away. The nearest airport is Halim Perdanakusuma Airport, 6. 2 mi from the property. We speak your language! d'primahotel Melawai - Blok M has been welcoming guests since Mar 29, 2016 Hotel chain/brand: d'primahotel What would you like to know? Enter your feedback I already have a booking with this property No thanks Thank you for your time Your feedback will help us improve this feature for all of our customers We're sorry, but there was an error submitting your comment. Please try again. Retry Missing some information? Brilliant! Bookers love... Breakfast Info American Good Coffee! Loyal Customers There are more repeat guests here than most other properties. Sleeps Room Type Max adults: 1 Standard Single Room 1 twin bed Something went wrong – please try again later. Check-in date Check-out date Rooms Adults Children Max adults: 2 Superior Double Room 1 king bed Deluxe Double or Twin Room 2 twin beds Twin Room with Shared Toilet What's nearby * ASEAN Secretariat 0. 4 miles Universitas Al Azhar Indonesia 0. 7 miles Bundaran Senayan 1. 2 miles Senayan City Mall 1. 3 miles Lippo Mall Kemang The Energy Building 1. 5 miles Restaurants & Markets Dai Tokyo Restaurant 0. 1 miles Blok M Square Market Closest Airports Halim Perdanakusuma Airport 6. 1 miles Jakarta Soekarno Hatta Airport 13 miles Most Popular Landmarks Pondok Indah Mall 1. 8 miles Grand Indonesia Mall 3. 8 miles Selamat Datang Monument 3. 9 miles Central Park Mall 4. 7 miles National Museum of Indonesia 5. 1 miles National Monument Park 5. 2 miles Istiqlal Grand Mosque 5. 7 miles Museum Bank Indonesia 7. 6 miles All distances are measured in straight lines. Actual travel distances may vary. Are you missing any information about this area? Facilities of d'primahotel Melawai - Blok M Pets Pets are not allowed. Food & Drink Bottle of water Breakfast in the room Internet Free! WiFi is available in the hotel rooms and is free of charge. Parking Public parking is available at a location nearby (reservation is not needed) and costs IDR 5000 per hour. Street parking Health & Wellness Facilities Spa Additional charge Transportation Public transit tickets Services Daily housekeeping Concierge Shoeshine Business center 24-hour front desk Safety & Security Fire extinguishers CCTV outside property CCTV in common areas Smoke alarms Security alarm 24-hour security Safe General Designated smoking area Air conditioning Smoke-free property Soundproof rooms Elevator Non-smoking rooms What topic(s) do you want to know more about? Room Bed type/size Extra beds Smoking rooms Rooms with balcony/terrace Rooms with a view Interconnecting rooms Coffee/tea facilities Appliances (microwave, fridge, etc. ) Hairdryer Bathroom features (shower, bathtub, etc. ) Safes Air conditioning/heating Ground-floor rooms Clothes iron Property On-site luggage storage Contacting the property Disability accessible Pool, spa & fitness facilities Cleaning/laundry services Prices of facilities & services Activities Location & transportation Airport shuttle Shuttle to downtown/local attractions Parking availability Nearby public transportation Shopping info Nearby supermarkets Nearby restaurants Breakfast details Special diet food available (vegetarian, halal, kosher, etc. ) Lunch & dinner details Meal prices Policies Pet policies Cancellation policies Couples policies (are unmarried individuals allowed? Check-in/check-out times Other I already have a booking at this property Thanks for your help! Your opinion helps us figure out what kinds of info we should ask properties for. Back to property Whoops! It looks like something went wrong submitting this. Try again? Missing some info? Awesome! House rules d'primahotel Melawai - Blok M takes special requests – add in the next step! Check-out Until 12:00 PM Cancellation/ prepayment Cancellation and prepayment policies vary according to accommodations type. Please enter the dates of your stay and check what conditions apply to your preferred room. Children & Beds Children of all ages are welcome. To see correct prices and occupancy info, add the number and ages of children in your group to your search. There's no capacity for cribs at this property. This property doesn't offer extra beds. d& 39;primahotel Melawai - Blok M accepts these cards and reserves the right to temporarily hold an amount prior to arrival.

Bloom movie wiki. Website  merupakan portal informasi jadwal kajian islam yang mencakup seluruh indonesia. Tujuan kami adalah memberikan kemudahan umat islam untuk mendapatkan informasi jadwal Kajian Rutin maupun Tabligh Akbar. Kami tayangkan poster, judul dan pemateri kajian, bedasarkan kota lokasi kajian. Kajian Malang, Kajian Surabaya, Kajian Jakarta, Kajian Denpasar, Kajian Yogyakarta, Kajian Bandung, dan kota-kota lainnya. Semoga website Kajian Muslim dapat memberi kemudahan & bermanfaat meramaikan kajian islam di berbagai tempat. Insyaa Allah. Untuk mendapatkan info lebih lanjut bisa menghubungi via whatsapp 085649169959 (Admin) dan untuk pengajuan jadwal kajian, bisa anda kirimkan melalui e-mail ke.

Vicky d cap jelek krena dia tdk punya uang dan sdh nikah 24 raffi dia plyboy klas berat dan seandainya d kawinin itu sdh punya istri Vicky berikn status dlm hal layaknya dan raffy brikn status tp hnya sbtas pcaran mnurut saya raffy sama aja dgn beda nasib.