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Freeway: crack in the system trailer. Freeway: Crack in the system. Whats the song in the beginning called. Het verhaal van Rick Ross, door Rick Ross. Hij oogt een doodgewone man, maar was ooit de kingpin van de Amerikaanse drug scene. Als zwarte jongere hielp hij een hele generatie zwarten mee naar de haaien. Maar no worries, hij zit er wel mee maar het is toch vooral de Amerikaanse overheid die de grootste schuld treft. Op zich is Ross' verhaal zeker boeiend. Althans, zolang het over het drugsgebeuren gaat. Tussendoor komt er nog een rechtzaak over één of andere rapper die met z'n naam gaan lopen is, compleet oninteressant en pure, onzinnige vulling. Dat kwartier had er zo uitgekund. Wat deze docu vooral interessant maakt zijn de open getuigenissen, van crooked politie agenten tot dealers en liefjes, ze doen allen zonder al te veel schroom hun verhaal. Af en toe zal het wel iets mooier en of spannender gemaakt zijn dan het was, maar je krijgt nooit echt het gevoel dat er veel verborgen of verdoezeld wordt. Maar na een tijdje wordt het wat veel van hetzelfde en vooral naar het einde toe wordt het meer inspirationeel. Ross die de ronde doet en mensen waarschuwt over de gevaren van drugs, de inmenging van de regering en de nasleep van het korststondige luxeleven. Ook dat had allemaal net iets strakker gekund. Zo blijft dit een wat teleurstellende docu over een boeiend figuur. Maar meer dan zijn versie van het verhaal is het niet, en de echt kritische vragen worden toch vooral gemeden of worden snel van de hand gedaan met iets te makkelijke antwoorden. 2. 0.

Freeway: Crack in the système solaire. So this is a whole different take on what American Made gave us (the one with Tom Cruise as a pilot. Now we get on the ground (no pun intended) and see what happened to all the drugs that came flying into America (again no pun intended. Now morally speaking you may wonder if and who really are victims here (I'd say the ones that got hooked on the drugs) but we also have the ones dealing (with) them.
One of them being Ricky Ross who is very prominently shown here, with some of his associates but also reporters and more people chipping in. Now if you are into Hip Hop the name Rick Ross is probably one that will ring a bell. It's a different person (duh. but also one that according to the criminal/drug dealer Rick(y) Ross steal his name to get famous. But more on that in the movie itself (also the rappers quite weak explanation why he started using that artist name.
It's not an easy watch, but it is enticing and interesting to see a man who made a lot of money and how he tries to make up for it now (cynical people may feel a bit distressed and nauseous about it.

Ofcourse they killed Gary Webb. 2 gunshots to the head? He wouldn't of been able to pull the trigger after the first one...
This article is about the Former American drug trafficker. For the book about him, see Freeway Rick Ross (book. Rick "Freeway" Ross Ross in 2010 Born Ricky Donnell Ross January 26, 1960 (age 60) Troup, Texas, United States Other names Freeway, The Real Rick Ross, Freeway Rick Ross, Freeway Ricky Occupation Drug trafficker, author Criminal status Incarcerated in 1996, released in 2009 Parent(s) Annie Mae Ross, Sonny Ross Criminal charge Conspiracy to illegally traffic cocaine (100 kg) Penalty Life, reduced to 20 years Website Ricky Donnell " Freeway Rick " Ross (born January 26, 1960) 1] is an American author and former drug trafficker best known for the drug empire he established in Los Angeles, California, in the early to mid 1980s. [2] He was sentenced to life in prison, though the sentence was shortened on appeal and Ross was released in 2009. [3] Biography [ edit] Ross attended school at Susan Miller Dorsey High School in Los Angeles. He played for the tennis team but was unable to get a college scholarship because he was illiterate. [4] Ross has said that when he first saw crack cocaine as a teenager in 1979, he did not immediately believe it was a drug because it looked different from other drugs he had seen. [5] The nickname Freeway came from Ross owning properties along the Los Angeles Harbor Freeway [6] and living next to Interstate 110. [7] According to an October 2013 Esquire magazine article, Between 1982 and 1989, federal prosecutors estimated, Ross bought and resold several metric tons of cocaine. with Ross's gross revenue claimed to be more than 900 million (equivalent to 2. 7 billion in 2019) and profits of almost 300 million (900 million in 2019. 7] During the height of his drug dealing, Ross was said to have sold "3 million in one day. 8] According to the East Bay Times, In the course of his rise, prosecutors estimate that Ross exported several tons of cocaine to New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and elsewhere, and made more than 500 million between 1983 and 1984. 9] In 1996, Ross was sentenced to life imprisonment under the three-strikes law after being convicted for purchasing more than 100  kilograms of cocaine from a federal agent in a sting operation. Later that year, a series of articles by journalist Gary Webb in the San Jose Mercury News revealed a connection between one of Ross's cocaine sources, Danilo Blandón, and the CIA as part of the Iran–Contra affair. [10] Having learned to read at the age of 28, during his first stint in prison, Ross spent much of his time behind bars studying the law. He eventually discovered a legal loophole that would lead to his release. [7] Ross's case was brought to a federal court of appeals which found that the three-strikes law had been erroneously applied and reduced his sentence to 20 years. He was released from Federal Correctional Institution, Texarkana on September 29, 2009. [11] Ross was arrested in October 2015 on suspicion of possessing cash related to the sales of illegal drugs when police discovered 100, 000 in his possession during a traffic stop. [3] Ross later alleged that he had been racially profiled and stated that he was carrying a large amount of cash for the purchase of a home. [12] Charges were ultimately dropped, and Ross explained he had earned the cash from book sales and speaking fees. [13] Cocaine use and business [ edit] Cocaine introduction [ edit] Ross began selling cocaine after his illiteracy prevented him from earning a tennis scholarship for college. He began spending time with an upholstery teacher at a Los Angeles community college who revealed he dealt cocaine and offered Ross a small amount to sell. [14] Ross used his profit to purchase more cocaine to sell, expanding his small operation. [15] Ross eventually began to ask for quantities to sell that exceeded what the teacher was willing to procure, so he turned to find a new dealer. [16] The teacher referred Ross to his supplier, Ivan Arguellas, who offered to keep Ross supplied. Arguellas was able to provide larger quantities at a better price, and Ross quickly went from dealing in grams of cocaine to dealing in ounces. [17] About eight months after becoming Ross's supplier, Arguellas was shot in the spine, resulting in months of hospitalization that forced him out of the cocaine business. His brother-in-law Henry Corrales took over the business, but was not enthusiastic about the trade and had failed to make any connections of his own to suppliers. [18] A Nicaraguan exile and cocaine distributor named Danilo Blandón was acquainted with Arguellas and Corrales, and although he did not know him personally, was impressed with the amount of cocaine that Ross was moving. Blandón offered to supply cocaine to Corrales to sell to Ross, for a fifty-fifty split of the profit. [19] Eventually, Corrales lost his appetite for the cocaine business and retired, at which point Ross became a direct customer of Blandón. [20] Through his connection to Blandón, and Blandón's supplier Norwin Meneses Cantarero, Ross was able to purchase Nicaraguan cocaine at significantly reduced rates. [21] Ross began distributing cocaine at 10, 000 per kilo less than the average street price, distributing it to the Bloods and Crips street gangs. By 1982, Ross had received his moniker of "Freeway Ricky" and claimed to have sold up to US3 million worth of cocaine per day, purchasing 455 kg of cocaine a week. [8] Ross initially invested most of his profits in houses and businesses, because he feared his mother would catch on to what he was doing if he started spending lavishly on himself. In a jailhouse interview with reporter Gary Webb, Ross said, We were hiding our money from our mothers. 22] He invested a portion of the proceeds from his drug dealing activities in Anita Baker 's first album. Drug empire [ edit] With thousands of employees, Ross has said he operated drug sales not only in Los Angeles but in places across the country including St. Louis, New Orleans, Texas, Kansas City, Oklahoma, Indiana, Cincinnati, North Carolina, South Carolina, Baltimore, Cleveland, and Seattle. He has said that his most lucrative sales came from the Ohio area. He made similar claims in a 1996 PBS interview. [23] According to the East Bay Times, In the course of his rise, prosecutors estimate that Ross exported several tons of cocaine to New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and elsewhere, and made more than 600 million in the process. 9] Adjusting for inflation using the Consumer Price Index, this becomes more than a billion dollars in 2013. [24] Much of Ross's success at evading law enforcement was due to his ring's possession of police scanners and voice scramblers. Following one drug bust, a Los Angeles County sheriff remarked that Ross's men had "better equipment than we have. 25] According to the October 2013 Esquire article, Between 1982 and 1989, federal prosecutors estimated, Ross bought and resold several metric tons of cocaine. In 1980 dollars, his gross earnings were said to be in excess of 900 million – with a profit of nearly 300 million. Converted roughly to present-day dollars: 2. 5 billion gross and 850 million in profit. As his distribution empire grew to include forty-two cities, the price he paid per kg of powder cocaine dropped from as much as 60, 000 to as low as 10, 000. 7] Lawsuit against rapper Rick Ross [ edit] On June 18, 2010, Ross sued rapper Rick Ross (real name William Leonard Roberts II) for using his name, 26] filing a copyright infringement lawsuit against Ross in a California Federal Court. [26] Jay-Z had been called to testify in the lawsuit, as he was President of Def Jam when Ross was signed to the label. [26] Ross sought 10 million in compensation in the lawsuit. [26] After the lawsuit was dismissed on July 3, 2010, 27] the album Teflon Don was released as scheduled on July 20, 2010. A federal judge ruled that the case should be refiled in California state court because it fell under California state law. Ross refiled the case with the State of California and the federal case is on appeal in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. [28] The state case was filed in 2011 in California. Ross refiled in Los Angeles Superior Court with publicity rights claims. Trial was set for early May 2012. The case was dismissed by a judge in the Los Angeles Superior Court. [29] The California State case was updated with a motion in Freeway Rick Ross's favor as to Warner Bros. Records and their use of the name and image Rick Ross in July 2012. [30] The New York Post reported that a trial was set for August 27, 2013 in Freeway Rick Ross versus Rick Ross and Warner Music Group. [31] On December 30, 2013, the court ruled in favor of the rapper Rick Ross, allowing him to keep the name based on a First Amendment ruling. [32] Book [ edit] In 2013, The Huffington Post reported that journalist and author Cathy Scott was co-writing Ross's autobiography with him, scheduled for release in 2014. [33] The memoir, Freeway Rick Ross: The Untold Autobiography, was released at a book launch with author Scott at the Eso Won Bookstore in Los Angeles on June 17, 2014 to a standing-room only crowd. [34] 35] KCET TV in its review wrote. The book) is fascinating for its unsentimental, inside look at his career on the streets of South Central, which started for Ross with car theft and quickly shifted to drugs and the big time. 36] Award [ edit] The memoir was nominated for ForeWord Review ' s IndiFab Best Book of the Year Award 2014 in the true crime category. [37] In June 2015, winners were announced, with the book named as a Foreword Reviews' 2014 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award Finalist, True Crime. [38] Ross was a key figure in filmmaker Kevin Booth 's documentary American Drug War: The Last White Hope. The second episode of the first season of BET 's American Gangster documentary series was focused on the story of Ricky Ross and his connection to the Iran–Contra scandal. [39] Ross was a guest interview on VH1's Planet Rock History of Crack and Hip Hop Documentary. [40] Ross is featured in the 2015 two-part documentary Freeway: Crack in the System, which details various levels of the drug trade, the Iran–Contra scandal, and mass incarceration. [41] In 2016, the documentary was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Investigative Journalism: Long Form. [42] Since 2013, Ross has been a regular guest on The Joe Rogan Experience. [43] 44] 45] In the 2014 film Kill the Messenger, Ross is portrayed by Michael K. Williams. 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's Drug Era Nominated for Emmy. Retrieved November 11, 2018. ^ Joe Rogan Experience #208. Freeway" Rick Ross. YouTube. Archived from the original on March 9, 2017. Retrieved May 3, 2013. ^ Joe Rogan Experience #262. Freeway" Rick Ross. Archived from the original on November 16, 2015. Retrieved June 3, 2013. ^ Joe Rogan Experience #323. Freeway" Rick Ross. Archived from the original on January 18, 2016. Retrieved February 6, 2013. Bibliography [ edit] Webb, Gary (1999. Dark Alliance. Seven Stories Press. ISBN   978-1-888363-93-7. External links [ edit] Rick Ross's website "Freeway" Rick Ross on IMDb Interview 2018 (German.
30mini into this the officer sed u cant say rece u got to say criminal because criminal is black and brown 👎🖕 because race is not just back brown it's white black and brown plus anything else that a race In this world freeway Rick Ross is the only 1that comes to mind when his name is mentioned fat Rick Ross is a fraud clout chasein fool even tho he was a prison guard an makeing out that he lived that life of a criminal when really he didn't an he thoughtbhe was because he went to jail for fraud a beatin his wife because he got famous of rap so he started to be a big head he couldn't get at 50cent for goin of with his wife💯💯💥💭an to you the real freeway Rick Ross I hope you get back on top legit or anyway/means/necessary bro get your name back an hour pockets half full until they ain't empty no more brother good look an all the best u deserve it as your a higher entrepreneur than most you should have have played in or made a film like the wolf of wall Street whatever it is you gonna it will be a hanger an it won't flop because your story would go world wide just like it did when you came out from jail I'm from the UK an Ireland an 95%of us have heard of you before you got out the pen good look a big fan of urban what comes next 💯💯👌🔥👍.
Freeway: Crack in the.
This was a great documentary! Well done👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 How did he not get anything in that Rick Ross identity theft case? Statute of limitations. Damn😡.

Critics Consensus No consensus yet. Tomatometer Not Yet Available TOMATOMETER Total Count: N/A 70% Audience Score User Ratings: 149 Freeway: Crack In The System Ratings & Reviews Explanation Freeway: Crack In The System Photos Movie Info FREEWAY: CRACK IN THE SYSTEM tells the story of broken dreams, drug dealers, dirty cops, and government complicity-more compelling than fiction, it's the real story behind America's longest war. This documentary by award-winning filmmaker Marc Levin (SLAM, Mr. Untouchable, Brick City) exposes how the infiltration of crack cocaine destroyed inner-city neighborhoods across the country. At the center of it all is the rise, fall and redemption of Freeway Rick Ross, a street hustler who became the King of Crack, and journalist Gary Webb, who broke the story of the CIA's complicity in the drug war. Featuring exclusive interviews with Freeway Rick Ross, not to be confused with the rapper who took his name Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Gary Webb, his source Coral Baca, and wife Susan Webb former Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff Roberto Juarez drug trafficker Julio Zavala and many more. Rating: R (for drug content and language including some sexual references) Genre: Directed By: Written By: In Theaters: Oct 17, 2014 wide Runtime: 103 minutes Studio: Novus Content Cast Critic Reviews for Freeway: Crack In The System There are no critic reviews yet for Freeway: Crack In The System. Keep checking Rotten Tomatoes for updates! Audience Reviews for Freeway: Crack In The System Freeway: Crack In The System Quotes Movie & TV guides.

Me as a very low level unsuccessful hustler when I was younger (lucky enough not to go to jail) understands the damage the come up causes but at the same time like the contra scandle & the C.I.A I see it as them not willing to accept accountability because in fact still to tgis day it's only been swept under the proverbial rug. The oil companies are the biggest detriment to not only our community but the world as a whole and yet well paid lobbyist somehow convince Congress that green house gasses hve nothing to do with fossil fuel and yet global warming continues at comparatively a more astounding rate than before we entered in to the equation. So it's selective, and 85% the masses) of us can do absolutely NOTHING abt it...

YouTube. Freeway: Crack in the system plone. Freeway:crack in the system preview youtube. *wants to take care of mom* cant read or write* I hate that niggas have to compensate for weak ass parents a lot of the time. Freeway: crack in the system documentary. Freeway: Crack in the système d'exploitation. 11:44 anybody knows the song. A great documentary it was very nice to see how well that put it together in a way you can understand very great gem. Freeway: crack in the system torrent. Class documentary. Zodra je Huren hebt geselecteerd, kun je de film binnen 14 dagen starten. Vervolgens moet je deze binnen 48 uur kijken. Overzicht Systeemvereisten Recensies Verwant Beschikbaar op Xbox One HoloLens PC Mobiel apparaat Xbox 360 Beschrijving The definitive story of the birth of the crack plague, told by the man at the epicenter of the CIA/Contra/cocaine connection: “Freeway” Ricky Ross. In South Central LA, he is an urban legend – a black godfather figure whom most people have never seen, but know by reputation. Once a promising tennis player, he lost his chance at a college scholarship after it became apparent he couldnt read. At a vocational school, an instructor set him up with a Nicaraguan drug connection. Ross built a drug empire, and by1983 was sending five million vials of crack a month to streets across the country, taking in over a million dollars in cash a day. But he didnt know that his supplier and friend, Blandon, was using some of the profits to help fund the Contras in Nicaragua and was part of a network connected to the CIA. He would later betray Ross in a DEA drug sting, sending him to federal prison with a life sentence. His story defies all odds and proves that truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Aanvullende informatie Ondertitels English (ondertiteling) Genres Documentaire Drama Buitenlands/onafhankelijk Grootte 5, 63 GB (1080p HD) 2, 97 GB (720p HD) 1, 69 GB (SD) Delen van inhoud geleverd door Tivo Corporation. 2020 Tivo Corporation.

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In highschool and you can't read or write. 50 cent should have paid his legal fees. He's the one that advised him to go after ross. The Real Rick Ross. Freeway: crack in the system netflix. Blandon a fuck boy. Ill bitch slap his punk ass. Fake bitch. The GOAT FREEWAY RICKY is the real man here.

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Freeway: crack in the system. I don't understand how he didn't buy his mom a house outside of L.A somewhere. 1st thing he should have done, was make sure moms was straight. Im talking about when he was making all that money before he went 2 jail. Just sad he didn't invest nothing either before hand, just to come home broke, starting from scratch, with nothing 2 show 4 alllll that he went through. Hate 2 say it didn't seem that bright 2 me, despite them saying how smart he was.

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Great Peace. MOVIES 11:31 AM PDT 3/31/2015 by Courtesy of Blowback Productions This endlessly intriguing true-crime tale is told in exhaustive fashion Marc Levin's documentary recounts the tale of Freeway Rick Ross, one of the most successful drug kingpins of the 1980s "I want my name back. declares " Freeway" Rick Ross at one point in Marc Levin 's ( Slam, Brick City) new documentary detailing Ross' criminal career, lengthy imprisonment and rehabilitation. He's referring, of course, to rapper Rick Ross, aka William Leonard Roberts II, who appropriated his nickname and persona while making music that glamorizes the criminal life and the drug trade. It's but one of the many compelling stories told in Freeway: Crack in the System, currently receiving its U. S. theatrical premiere at NYC's Maysles Cinema. "Freeway" Rick Ross, born in South Central Los Angeles, had a troubled life from the very beginning. An early formative experience was witnessing his mother kill his older brother in self-defense when he was only five years old. A natural at tennis, he dreamed of becoming the next Arthur Ashe, but his illiteracy prevented him from going to college. Inspired by the film Super Fly, he quickly latched on to the growing scourge of crack cocaine that began ravaging the inner cities in the 1980s. "I tasted the American dream, and I liked it. he says during one of the film's many interviews. And he was very good at his illegal trade, becoming a major drug kingpin and reaping endless riches in the process. Read More Tribeca to Honor Frank Sinatra With 'On the Town' Screening, Tony Bennett Performance The film tells a complicated story, including the alleged role of the U. government and the C. I. A. in bringing drugs into the country, with the profits going to the Contra rebels in Nicaragua. A journalist key to exposing the story was Gary Webb (subject of the recent feature film Kill the Messenger, starring Jeremy Renner. The documentary features extensive excerpts of a previously unseen interview with the controversial reporter, conducted just a few days before his 2004 suicide. Also interviewed are many central figures in Ross' story, including his mother, several of his criminal associates, a Nicaraguan trafficker who worked with the Contras, various law enforcement officials and a politician who says, regarding the harsh laws against crack versus regular cocaine, I knew that these laws were a mistake when we were writing them. " Ross ultimately spent over twenty years in prison — a previous life sentence was reduced on appeal — teaching himself to read and write during his incarceration. Released in 2009, he's since become — what else? — a motivational speaker and author. In 2010, he sued the rapper who had taken his name, seeking 10 million in damages, but after many legal battles, he ultimately lost the case. Read More TCM Film Fest: Shirley MacLaine Serves Up Barbs and Valentines While the film takes on more than it can handle, dealing with its myriad plot elements —including Ross' being framed by corrupt cops — in sometimes confusing fashion, it nonetheless tells a fascinating true crime tale whose legal and moralistic implications are legion. Production: Al Jazeera America, Blowback Productions, ROYAL Interactive Studios in association with Continental Media Director: Marc Levin Producers: Marc Levin, Mike Marangu, Guy Logan, Antonio Moore and Neil Harrington Director of photography: James Adolphus Editors: Jason Moran, Christopher K. Walker Composers: Tyler Adams, Co-Stars Ent., Thomas Mansur No rating, 103 min.

Watching this azing. For about a candy bar sized amount of crack cocaine you can go to prison for 10 years to life? Wow. Fucked up a bunch of lives and STILL haven't even begun winning the war on drugs. I think drugs have been winning. Please make the Rick Ross movie. R.i.p gary webb best reporter murdered. Freeway: Crack in the system center. 1 nomination. See more awards  » Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Edit Storyline FREEWAY: CRACK IN THE SYSTEM tells the story of broken dreams, drug dealers, dirty cops, and government complicity-more compelling than fiction, it's the real story behind America's longest war. This documentary by award-winning filmmaker Marc Levin (SLAM, Mr. Untouchable, Brick City) exposes how the infiltration of crack cocaine destroyed inner-city neighborhoods across the country. At the center of it all is the rise, fall and redemption of Freeway Rick Ross, a street hustler who became the King of Crack, and journalist Gary Webb, who broke the story of the CIA's complicity in the drug war. Featuring exclusive interviews with Freeway Rick Ross, not to be confused with the rapper who took his name Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Gary Webb, his source Coral Baca, and wife Susan Webb former Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff Roberto Juarez drug trafficker Julio Zavala and many more. The real Rick Ross is not a rapper. He's an urban legend in South Central LA, a black godfather figure whom... Written by Anonymous Plot Summary, Add Synopsis Motion Picture Rating ( MPAA) Rated R for drug content and language including some sexual references See all certifications  » Details Release Date: 7 February 2015 (USA) See more  » Company Credits Technical Specs See full technical specs  » Did You Know? Trivia The 2014 movie "Kill the Messenger. starring Jeremy Renner, tells the story of journalist Gary Webb. See more ».

Freeway: crack in the system full movie. Just you know... ADMITTED. and the sheeple still trust what the gov says lmfao how dumb can u be. Can't find the doc🤔.

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Freeway: Crack in the systems. CIA is dirty. Always has been & still is. From poisoning black communities 40 years ago to attempting to remove Trump with the fake Russia Collusion Hoax. Freeway: crack in the system (2015) torrent. This film taught me. Knowledge is power. If he didnt read them law books. He would of died behind bars. How many people are behind bars because of lack of knowledge. Why was he not able to play ball.