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My grandfather died last week. He passed on a Wednesday and was cremated on a Thursday. Grandfather had made all the arrangements himself, ahead of time. I think, as a widower, he appreciated leaving things prepared for his survivors. We showed up to the memorial service that Friday. There were a few people there, but no one that we recognized. Grampa had not really left his home much in twenty years or so and I dont think that gave him much occasion to make friends. We sat through the brief. Day & nightmare. Day & Night on 123movies Watch Online Screenrant Look there Day…. Day & night book. Alright degenerates, and I mean that with love. Last time I told you guys [my story] of_a_karen. people requested to hear more about my lovely friend Jenna. Jenna, as youll learn, is not a person that you want to mess with. And Id rather not piss her off. But screw it. I used pseudonyms anyways, so Ill spill the tea. Let me paint a picture of this badass: she is probably what youd picture as your average gym bae. Maybe 55”, size.

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